PROTINUS Strategy Cockpit™

The PROTINUS Strategy Cockpit™ is a modern software tool for processing multi-period rule-based planning models for asset allocation. It can be used for the development of institutional and private allocation strategies, in the context of strategic risk controlling, for the development of innovative financial products, etc.

With the help of the PROTINUS Strategy Cockpit™, extensive scenario spaces can be generated for the asset as well as for the liability side, or imported from another source. As part of the simulations, the software processes all individual planning information, such as objectives and constraints, risk tolerance, cash flows, liabilities, management rules, accounting, etc. With their integrated optimization approach, the simulation models can be optimised directly according to individual preferences.

The PROTINUS Strategy Cockpit™ allows the free definition of optimization problems based on the relevant model variables. Furthermore, it provides extensive options for defining constraints and multi-objective functions. In addition to the comprehensive analytical options, a number of open interfaces are available for data import and export.

The PROTINUS Strategy Cockpit™ is a modular software design with a service-oriented architecture which makes it possible to adapt the scope of the system and the user interface design to the requirements, depending on the type of application and the user. It can be provided as a very technical development environment for financial engineers or with a simple interface and predefined models for retail consulting. This makes it possible to create parameterisable basic models that are tailored to the needs of individual customer segments and, with simplified user guidance, can be used without requiring a great deal of familiarisation.

The PROTINUS Strategy Cockpit™ has proven its worth in PROTINUS’ consultancy projects and for its licensing customers. Development of the software never stops, the product is continuously updated and improved in response to internal and external project requirements.


Flexible development environment
Extensive rule libraries
Easy installation and operation