PROTINUS has developed a number of efficient software tools to facilitate the effective provision of advisory and support services. These software tools are available to third parties under licence.

The PROTINUS Strategy Cockpit™  is a flexible development environment for multi-period, scenario-based planning models. The models can be assembled by the user from a library of pre-built components or they can be programmed by PROTINUS for a specific use case. PROTINUS Strategy Cockpit™ provides a wide range of tools for scenario generation, simulation and optimization as well as for statistical analysis and graphical presentation. These tools can be used for the development of institutional and private allocation strategies, in the context of strategic risk controlling, for the development of innovative financial products, etc. PROTINUS Strategy Factory™ is a solution for optimising a variety of allocation models through batch processing which integrates directly with the PROTINUS Strategy Cockpit™.

With an EAI layer, it is possible to realise automated optimization processes for mass applications. Insurance companies have been using a unique mass ALM/MALM solution for over 55,000 retail clients since since 2005. In addition, the simulation and optimization core is used in one of the most innovative robo advisors offered in the German-speaking world.

Use cases:

Individual planning for internal and external advisory mandates
Support of standardised processes, e.g., BaFin stress tests and forecasting
Integrated development and operation of advisory products
Automated decision-making processes