At PROTINUS, our core competence lies in determining and optimising strategic asset allocations and performing strategic controlling for institutional investors, as strategic risk management.

We provide high-quality consultancy services based on a central set of methods. Our services are centred primarily on ALM studies and studies to determine strategic asset allocation, if there is no "L" in the conventional sense. PROTINUS offers investors strategic risk controlling based on the regular use of the individual models for simulations.

The software tools developed by PROTINUS in-house and proven over many years in our consultancy work, are also used by institutional investors under licence. These tools are available as desktop applications: PROTINUS Strategy Cockpit™ and PROTINUS Strategy Factory™, which investors can use to carry out their own modelling. PROTINUS provides unique mass application solutions based on these technologies for simulating and optimising a large number of individual portfolios. We also offer solutions both for direct integration with databases and for access by a larger number of users via networks.

PROTINUS also creates high-quality scenario data for simulating returns and fundamental factors of individually defined investment universes. These can be used in PROTINUS' own software tools but also with other simulation tools.

All PROTINUS services are provided on an objective and neutral basis and unbiased in relation to any products or services. PROTINUS does not distribute or promote any investment products or asset management services – neither its own nor those of third parties.

Several well-known financial service providers regularly cooperate with PROTINUS when their clients are in need of high-quality SAA/ALM services. In order to preserve our independence and neutrality, these cooperations are never exclusive.