Mass Applications

The calculation engines PROTINUS uses for simulation and optimization are also used as core components of the "mass ALM".

For the task of optimising existing life insurance policies, this solution has for years represented the only product worldwide in which institutional ALM methods are applied to each individual private client portfolio in a fully automated fashion. Each portfolio is individually optimised several times a year, using reallocation rules (e.g. conditional life cycle) as safeguards. The results are implemented fully automatically.

All of the necessary software components were designed and developed by PROTINUS. The flexible and service-oriented architecture of the software allows easy integration into the existing IT environment. Since the software is highly scalable, it can be operated cost-efficiently within the overall system, even with increasing capacity requirements. Currently, several tens of thousands of individual customer portfolios are currently being optimised.

The MALM software provides extensive options for configuration and expansion, such as implementing optimised allocation for the range of funds offered by individual distribution partners.

For a robo advisor application in German-speaking countries, PROTINUS provides high-end scenario data, a specially designed and programmed model for private investors that provides holistic and realistic strategic wealth planning, as well as the existing standard software components for simulation and optimization. Users access these components via a web interface developed by the provider of the robo advisor. The users are either the investors themselves or advisors of financial service providers who develop and monitor the strategic asset allocation for or together with their investor clients.

The PROTINUS components are integrated with customer applications via standard interfaces. The simultaneous execution of large numbers of simulations and optimizations is managed by the standard cloud load management solutions used by the provider of the robo advisor.

What makes PROTINUS' solution unique is that it allows even private users or advisors with less experience to use an extremely detailed simulation model together with PROTINUS' heuristic optimization algorithm to develop strategies.

Services offered by PROTINUS:

Development of customized software for the integration of the core engines into the existing IT environment
Development and optimization of the portfolio reallocation rules for the efficient execution of the programme code
Creation of scenario data at semi-annual intervals
Updating configuration data, e.g. range of funds on offer
Preparation of parameter studies and marketing material